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Arizona's tuition tax credit program gives students like ours the opportunity to receive a great Christian Education.

This is a great opportunity for our family!

Our family enjoys the ability to choose a private Christian school. The benefits are astounding. With Biblical teaching and academic excellence, Caleb & Ruby are getting the best possible opportunities. The teachers and staff care about our family and want to see our children succeed, and they are! We are watching our children grow, become scholars, and become disciples of Christ. Despite Caleb's struggles with reading at first, he is now a confident reader and represented the school at last year's speech meet. Ruby is blossoming into a compassionate friend and an attentive student with excellent grades in all subjects.

Why your donation matters to us...

With the rising cost of tuition, this education is becoming increasingly difficult to afford. The Arizona tax credit program makes our dreams of staying at private school a reality. It means the world to us that we can send our children to a school that aligns with our values and provides a quality education. Your support through a tax credit donation makes that possible, at no cost to you. Please consider making a tax credit contribution for our family. Our dream is that Caleb and Ruby will continue to attend Christian school and that soon, Sarah will join them. We desire all 3 of our children to receive excellent instruction that is infused with the knowledge and love of God. Thank you for blessing our family by participating in the tax credit program.

"Thank you for considering this amazing opportunity for our family!"

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How it Works

Here at AZTO, our mission is simple, to make Christian education affordable and accessible. AZTO is a state certified 501c(3) School Tuition Organization that facilitates Arizona’s Tuition Tax Credit Programs. Since 2004, AZTO has issued over $36 Million in tuition awards to participating students.

If you are an Arizona taxpayer, the Private School Tuition Tax Credit allows you to give to AZTO and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against your Arizona income tax liability. Your contribution either reduces the amount of Arizona taxes you owe or increases your state refund. You have a choice in where your tax dollars go. At no cost to you, you can impact a student’s education.

Would you like to help this family afford a great Christian education? AZTO welcomes student recommendations from donors. Thank you for considering this valuable program with your tax credit contribution. Please "Take the Credit Today!"

Tuition Tax Credits 2024 Original Credit Maximum 2024 PLUS Credit Maximum 2024 Tuition Credits Maximum
Married Jointly $1,459 $1,451 $2,910
Individual $731 $728 $1,459
Tax Forms 323/301 348/301 323/348/301

Notice: A School Tuition Organization cannot award, restrict, or reserve scholarships solely on the basis of donor recommendation. A taxpayer may not claim the credit if the taxpayer agrees to swap donations with another taxpayer to benefit either taxpayer's own dependent.